Ver Halen Engineering is a Professional Engineering firm providing consulting services to manufacturing firms and expert witness engineering services to lawyers and others. Located in the suburbs of Chicago, we have worked across the country to help our clients.

Started in 1992 by Jon Ver Halen, P.E., the firm has helped numerous clients solve engineering related problems for over 20 years. The diverse nature of our work allows cross integration, where the disciplines of mechanical, industrial, manufacturing, safety, and human factors engineering come together to help optimize manufacturing systems.

Below is a quick summary of our work:

Factory Layout and Relocation

Many years of specialization in the areas of design and relocation of factories. Everything from the design of an assembly line to improve productivity to design of a complete factory has been done.

Relocating a factory is a very expensive and time consuming process. Failure to plan properly can cause delays in production that are extensive. By properly planning the move interruptions in production can be minimized, reducing the cost of the move and maintaining customer satisfaction. We can help you do this as quick and painlessly as possible.

Product Design and Testing

Knowledge of manufacturing and assembly techniques provides insight has to how product design effects the ability to build the product in a cost effective way, and what changes can be made to the product to enhance its manufacturability. Extensive work in products liability litigation provides useful information regarding code compliance, necessary instructions, and appropriate warnings.

Load testing of products to standards and regulations is done on a regular basis. We look the the safety codes that a product has to meet, and test in accordance with those standards.

Expert Witness Testimony

Mr. Ver Halen has testified in a significant number of cases over his 30+ year career as an expert witness. A scientific and engineering based process is used to develop solid, admissible opinions. Numerous techniques can be used, where appropriate, to make both the opinions and basis of the opinions understandable to the average juror.