Having worked as an expert witness across the country, Mr. Ver Halen is a capable and respected witness. Opinions are based upon engineering and scientific principles, in combination with a great deal of experience as an active engineer. Testimony is made clear and concise using various techniques to aid the jury in understanding the technical issues of the case.

Mr. Ver Halen has developed a special expertise with ladders, ladder accessories, and climbing systems of various types. He is a member of a number of ANSI committees dealing with ladders, and has a working knowledge of the existing and past standards.

Testing has been done on a number of climbing products for various firms, determining if they met existing standards. When necessary, products have been re-designed to insure standards compliance, enhance safety, or scrapped when reasonable safety could not be ensured.

Accident reconstruction of various falls has been studied. Part of this work included hiring stuntman from Hollywood to purposely fall from ladders in different ways to determine how a person would fall, the expected areas of injury, and the types of deformations that could be found on a ladder after an accident.

As an active, testifying expert in ladder cases for over 30 years, Mr. Ver Halen has a significant knowledge of older ladders and ladder manufacturers. It is often possible to identify the manufacturer of a ladder that is over 20 years old.
Machine Guarding:

Various types of machines require guarding of different types to make them reasonably safe. There are often OSHA, ANSI, and other standards that will apply to a given situation, and it is necessary to have knowledge of those when working in this field.

Instructions and warnings may have to comply with ANSI Z535 requirements, depending on the particular product and its specific standards. It is necessary to know which standards apply, and why.
Other Litigation Matters:

There are other areas of expertise that have been developed over the years, please call and discuss your case so we can determine if we are sufficiently qualified to testify competently in a case.