Product Design

Using knowledge of the manufacturing processes required to manufacture a product, it is often possible to make small design changes that allow a product, without any change in function, to be manufactured in a more cost effective manner. This type of work has been performed for a number of diverse products from barbecues to penitentiary locks.

Knowledge regarding the application of safety codes and regulations help in determining which standards and codes apply to a product. Just as important is how those codes are interpreted, often in a court room setting. Proper design helps prevent accidents and potential litigation.

Warnings and instructions have to be considered as part of a products design. Understanding how instructions are used and interpreted allows for the creation of more effective warnings and instructions. Experience in the courtroom allows a better understanding of both the requirements and application. ANSI Z535 requirements for product warnings and instructions are the best known standards, and we have knowledge and experience in their application. Jon Ver Halen is the head of the ANSI A14 Labeling Task Force.

Product Testing

A large number of standards and regulations require product testing. We specialize in testing of various pieces of climbing equipment, such as ladders, folding attic stairways, and fall protection devices. Load testing of other products, including cranes, windows, and wheels have been performed to verify proper design and code compliance.